laundry tips

Laundry Tips

After decades in the business, we know how to get the best out of our machines! Take a look at the list below for a few helpful laundry tips that can maximize your value while visiting Big Coin Laundry!

1. Read the care label attached to the item you are about to launder.

It has information on proper Fabric Maintenance. Wet or Dry Clean – Water Temperature – Drying Instructions.

2. Use the appropriate size machine for your load.

Washers and Dryers should only have a 3/4 full load in them for proper tumbling action.

3. Use the proper amount of soap.

Most people use more soap than they need. One quarter cup of soap is enough for any size wash load.

4. Stain removal tip.

Liquid Wisk is a very effective, inexpensive spotting agent.

5. Set your heat properly to avoid shrinkage during drying.

Most clothing should be dried on medium heat to avoid shrinkage.

6. We do not recommend the use of dryer sheets for drying.

Dryer Sheets are made of spun woven fiberglass coated with Paraffin Wax and a Petroleum Fragrance Enhancer. Liquid fabric softener can be used as a substitute and will reduce static cling.

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